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Working with Meaghan has been one of the best decisions I've made in my business. Since hiring her as my Online Business Manager my productivity has improved and she's opened me up to systems and structures in my business that have created the time and space to allow me to do the things I'm passionate about. She is committed to constantly providing an unparalleled level of support and guidance anytime I have questions or need clarification. Meaghan gets where I'm coming from, who I am, and is a key part of my business. I am so honored to have her on my team and in my corner. I cannot recommend working with her enough!

Lauren WilliamsonMindset Coach

I've worked with Meaghan for over a year now and in that time, she's grown our Facebook engagement by leaps and bounds. Our reach is consistently more than double what it was before we hired her despite Facebook's ever changing algorithms. She's also helped us to revamp our Pinterest strategy. When other bloggers have been complaining that their Pinterest traffic has been declining in recent months, ours has remained steady. Meaghan is an important part of our team and always goes above and beyond to share her expertise and guidance with others.

She gets the vision I have for my business. Even when I can't articulate my needs well, because she "gets it", she can help me craft things in the right direction.

Ashley StephensMacroEd

I wasn't sure how to proceed on my own to start a business. I wanted the guidance and advice of someone who had done it already. And her experience and insight into how to get started was invaluable! I liked the step-by-step instructions and the specific resources that were provided. Especially the books!

Laurie Mallon

She was always positive, helpful, and flexible to meet me where I was at and worked with my schedule. She took the time to listen to me, asked all the right questions, and got me thinking about several things I hadn't considered before. She has a great attitude and consistently checked in to make sure I was on track. I'm so thankful that Meaghan believed in me!

Liz Woodiwiss, Reflecting BeautifulProfessional Proofreading Services for Bloggers

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