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You're ready to reach more people and make more money.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to running a profitable membership site. There’s systems, automations, integrations, retention, content, refunds, tech issues, and about eleventy million people who can’t remember their damn password.

And if you’re slogging through all the backend fuckery then who’s serving your members?

You started a membership site because you wanted to go wide in serving your audience. You wanted to help more people while making more money and spending less time working. Instead you’re:

> So overwhelmed by the tech you can’t even get your shit off the ground
> Confused about how all the pieces fit together
> Wondering why you’re working MORE hours than you were before
> Trying to figure out why everyone keeps canceling
> Thinking this whole membership thing was a big fat mistake

Memberships are the future of business.

Ready to chat about how my team and I can help you strategize your membership, increase member engagement, reduce churn, and serve more raving fans?

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