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Before working with Meaghan, I was drowning in all the seemingly endless tasks necessary to run my business – to the point that I didn’t even have time to hire someone to help me with them. I tried farming out the stuff that needed the least amount of training but without someone to create processes and systems, it ended up not saving me any time and wasting a lot of money. I was frustrated and overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do.

Working with Meaghan has changed all of that. She’s taken over management of all the stuff that was creating overwhelm for me, so I can use my time to serve my existing clients and take on more. She’s created systems and made improvements to keep things running smoothly and professionally. I can relax knowing that the details of my business that used to have me up late every night are under control. I’m even able to take time off knowing that it’s just…handled. If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to grow your business without losing your mind, Meaghan and her team are the answer.

Meaghan is a trusted partner for our small business, Kenarry: Ideas for the Home. We’ve been working with her since 2016 on a variety of strategies to help us grow and succeed online. In that time frame, she’s grown our Facebook engagement by leaps and bounds and revamped our Pinterest plan to withstand the ebbs and flows of ever changing algorithms. She’s also researched and created our website standards for Search Engine Optimization then trained the rest of our team to adhere to them. Now before we publish any blog post on Kenarry, we run it past Meaghan to make sure it’s intelligently keyword researched, well written and ready for the public eye. She also writes clever social media posts to promote our content so it’s able to be discovered by our target audience. Meaghan is an important part of our team and always goes above and beyond to share her expertise and guidance with others.