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How To Be Yourself In Business

How to Be Yourself in Business

Everyone always says you should be yourself in business but it's hard to figure out just what "being yourself" means! Below are my tips on being yourself in business that helped me go from timid ex-teacher to confident OBM in just three years. Authenticity is a huge online biz buzzword.…

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Setting Boundaries With Clients

Setting Boundaries with Clients

Boundaries are an essential part of any healthy relationship and they're something I've really had to force myself to embrace over the last year or so. As a service provider, setting boundaries with clients will be a game changer for you and your business! From the time you were little…

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How To Create Business Routines The Work For You

How to Create Business Routines that Work for You

It can be hard to create business routines that set you up for success every single day. But in order to find a routine that works, you'll need to be flexible, honest with yourself, and forgiving. When you're an employee your job tends to naturally create routines for you. Up…

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