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She gets the vision I have for my business. Even when I can't articulate my needs well, because she "gets it", she can help me craft things in the right direction.

Ashley Stephens

I wasn't sure how to proceed on my own to start a business. I wanted the guidance and advice of someone who had done it already. And her experience and insight into how to get started was invaluable! I liked the step-by-step instructions and the specific resources that were provided. Especially the books!

Laurie Mallon

She was always positive, helpful, and flexible to meet me where I was at and worked with my schedule. She took the time to listen to me, asked all the right questions, and got me thinking about several things I hadn't considered before. She has a great attitude and consistently checked in to make sure I was on track. I'm so thankful that Meaghan believed in me!

Liz Woodiwiss, Reflecting Beautiful